Welcome to my slice of the world wide web!

Welcome, this website is the hub for all of my music, writing and artwork. I suck at producing music, drawing, and writing, but I love it. Many would go to soundcloud or youtube to share their acomplishments, but I have recently fallen in love with this 90's web page aesthetic. So, I though this would be a cool way to share my passions with anyone who may cross paths with this page. I'm new to html so this website will constantly be under constrution. I hope you enjoy your stay. :3

What's new, Scooby Doo?

3/30/2022- I made this news feed box. I suck at html, it took me hours to fail at learning how to make a table and resort to something much simpler. This website is going to take awhile to make, but I'm hoping to get the "about me" page done soon. Thanks for visiting if you're reading this. :D